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Red River Brewpub is the first local brewery since prohibition and one of Shreveport-Bossier's most sought after venues. Established in 2012, and originally known as Red River Brewing Company, we blazed a path into craft beer history when we released our flagship Louisiana Wheat Rye Ale, Hay Ryed; a beer that celebrates the rich music history in our town. If you're in Shreveport - Bossier City, stop by and try a pint, or flight paired with great local food!​

Today, we have our brewpub, we've distributed our beers throughout Louisiana, and we've successfully launched a full line up of extremely fun and experimental beers. Our restaurant is sure to please all audiences as we harken back to a bygone era, 1950’s burger bar and “leaded/unleaded” milkshakes abound! We strive to be the 'go-to' family friendly destination for our neighbors and the people visiting Shreveport-Bossier City. 


Red River Brewpub is more than brewery, it's a Louisiana original.

The Garage

A Little History

Our new location in Bossier City’s East Bank Cultural District is an homage to the area. An iteration of our previous establishment, Red River Brewpub @ the Garage is continuing the tradition of celebrating rich Louisiana history in our beer. The grub plays tribute to the history of the building we now occupy; an old 1950’s Studebaker/Packard maintenance garage.


310 Mansfield Street was originally built to expand the mechanic services provided by 801 Barksdale Blvd (the building just to the south of us). The two buildings were home to the Barksdale Motor Company; Northwest Louisiana's premier dealer of Studebaker's and Packard's. In the 1960's the garage was sold to Mr Z.W. Britt. He turned the location in to his welding shop. "Britt's Machine and Welding Co., Inc" was an upstanding business in the historic downtown Bossier City area; and an active participant in many civic activities. In the 70's Mr. Britt sold the building yet again, to Mr. Robert Raines, Sr. et al., the grand-father of one of our founders, Mr Robert (Beau) Raines, Jr.. Village Oil and Gas was located in this building, and is now one of the founding investors in Red River Brewing Company. This building was quite literally "meant to be" in our brewery's progression. 

We can't wait for you to come out and Get Greased @ the Garage!


Jared, Beau & Robert


Like all brilliant small business stories go....these three amigos began what was originally known as Red River Brewing Company in Jared's garage. Their shared camaraderie sprouted a passion for ingenuity. The engineer (Beau), the scientist (Robert), and the entrepreneur (Jared) were the perfect match to set forth and conquer the craft beer industry. The trio opened their first manufacturing brewery at 1010 Marshall Street, and would come in after work in a suit and tie to clean and brew. 

In 2016 the group had expanded their reach far enough in the beer industry that they felt it was time to open a tap room. So in March of that year 1200 Marshall Street in Shreveport became the first site open to the public. 

Now, here they are! Opening a new location in the popular East Bank District...and back in Bossier City. Where this big beer dream began!

The Founders

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